Lexus is 250 no power

Lexus IS owners have reported 27 problems related to electrical system under the electrical system category. The most recently reported issues are listed below.

Door locks not working properly. Both front door actuators need to be replaced which we were told is a very common problem with this model. This has been unsafe for our teenage driver having to crawl through back doors to unlock her vehicle especially at night.

See all problems of the Lexus IS Unintended acceleration while inching into parking space at very slow rate of speed. Engine raced unexpectedly and car jumped curb with all 4 tires, across a small median, and down another curb with 3 tires, striking a parked car, which stopped forward motion. I was driving in heavy traffic stop and go ; I was fully stopped with my foot on the brake - I eased off the brake to slowly roll forward - absolutely did not place my foot on or anywhere near the gas pedal - as I eased off brake, I felt a strong "surge" from the front of the car- the car accelerated and I slammed in to a truck that was directly in front of me- I looked at the dashboard as this was happening and the "check engine" light and the "traction" light were both on - I tried to brake but the brake pedal was hard - I was stopped due to the impact of hitting the truck-- I am attaching the edr report as retrieved by a company Lexus contracts with.

Lexus has a wide know issue with melting dashboards and door panels. My dashboard is melting.

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It creates a glare when driving, it houses critical electrical components that can pose a huge safety hazard. I drive this car daily and frequently transport passengers such as family and friends.

Lexus refuses to do anything about it. Car interior repair shops have no solution to this problem. Lexus acknowledges that this problem is widespread but is not doing anything to prevent tragedy from occurring. The condition continues to get worse to the point that mechanics are refusing to work on anything that requires have to lay hands on the dashboard because it is literally melting and falling apart. They don't want to be held responsible for any further damage. This poses another safety risk as I can not fix any problems behind the dashboard at all if mechanics are refusing to do work on it.

I have exhausted all search efforts looking for a solution. I am genuinely concerned about my safety and others. Lexus has manufactured thousands upon thousands of these vehicles and they continue to be driven on the public roads.My IS will not start.

I push the brake in and push the start button when the light is green and the only thing that happens is the gauge needles move like they normally do when it starts, but nothing else happens. No ticking noise, no attempt to turn over, no noises what so ever.

NHTSA — Steering Problems

This past Saturday I started it and pulled it out of the garage to let it warm up before I left home. I went into the house for a couple minutes and when I came back out it was not running.

I then replaced the battery with a new one because I new the car needed a new battery and colder weather was on its way. After I put the new battery in the car, it started right up. Today, 2 days later, my girlfriend went outside and started the car. She immediately pulled the car out of the garage and the car died in the driveway. Now, once again, it will not start. The battery check out fine with the volt meter. Thanks for your help in advance.

lexus is 250 no power

First poster, but had to register to assist after what I went through. Hopefully my situation can benefit you!

I'm sorry for the trouble, my car too had an intermittent starting issue. Here's the story:. Purchase 07 is with rather low miles a few months back. Fall in love with the car. Last week,it started up and ran for about 2 seconds and then died. Check engine light came on and the car wouldn't even crank after that. Had my wife out to try and jump it, nothing doing. Check engine code remained.

I wanted to test out the battery before simply taking it to the dealer. The next day I got a multi-meter on the battery, I hop in the car, starts right up and runs. I drove straight to the dealer. First suspect: Battery ground bolt on the chassis.

Lexus new battery no power?

They say there was a service bulletin about it or something similar, I forget the exact verbiage.My battery was low, when I turned the key car still had power just not enough to start, it was a old battery so I bought a new one just after a few minutes of checking the old battery, now I connected the new battery and its charged but when I turn the key I have no power no lights nothing.

Whats wrong? Do you. Check your cable connections for clean solid connections Roy Was this answer. I check them, there ok they have electrical current, cleaned the conectors, car had power and worked all day before old battery went low, all I did was disconnect old one connect new one. I check fuses there ok, still no power, what else can it be? Was this answer.

Did you cross the cables installing the battery? Roy Was this answer. No, battery has power, positve to positve negative to negative, I just dont have power nothing comes on, no noise nothing.

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Oh ok, no, I did not, I made sure I connected it right, I have not tried to jump start it since the battery is new, I know its hard to understand but I am giving you all the info, my car is just sittin now havnt tried nothn else, all I know, my old battery gave me power at least to my accesories, ect, disconected the old one put a new one in and bam no power, thats where im at.

Im stumped. I will try to check all fuses and go threw all connections tomorrow as im off, didnt try the high beam thing because I have zero electrical power lights wont dim because they wont even turn on. Basically is acting like I have no battery connected at all.

Thanks for the advise Was this answer. I have the same problem. My GS I replaced the battery 2 weeks ago every thing running fine.

lexus is 250 no power

The it die at a stop light started up fine. Then next day car totally dead no lights at all I can not open the front hood. It sounds like there is a battery cable issue, I would start will the positive cable and look for bulging which would indicate there is a short in the cable. Please let us know what you find so it will help others.

Best, Ken Was this answer. You nailed it. Moved my positive cable and every thing worked. The cable felt tight but was not. Cleaned the cables and terminals spared cable open hammer the down easy.

Car started have had no problems. Thanks for the tip. No mechanics chargers. Nice work, we are here to help, please use 2CarPros anytime. Please login or register to post a reply.

I Accidentally Cross-connected The Battery. Sponsored links. Ask a Car Question.So how do you find out what problems are occurring? Any duplicates or errors? It's not us. Don't waste your time wasting ours! If you are interested in advertising a for-profit service, contact us. Find something helpful? Spread the word. Share on Facebook Retweet this page Email this page. Add Complaint. My Lexus IS suddenly lost power steering one day, when shifting from park to drive. However, it wasn't long before this stopped working.

I brought my car to my mechanic, who replaced the rack and pinion twice. Then, I brought my car to dealership to replace the ECM. Thousands of dollars in repairs but the issue was still not fixed. Car was driving fine all day. Turned the car off and on again, but problem is still there.

Had to have the car towed to a repair shop. The steering wheel is impossible to move, very hard. I drove approximately 65 miles stopped and parked for 15 minutes. I then turned the car on and while commencing to drive away, noticed that my steering wheel was locked and incredibly hard to steer left or right. My dashboard had no problem indicator lights on, so I turned the car off and restarted it and regained steering capabilities.

The following morning, I drove 1 mile away and upon my return while doing 35 mph the steering wheel locked and became incredibly hard to steer resulting in a near death experience that I will never forget. Had this same scenario have occurred while my daughter was at the wheel there's no doubt in my mind that this part malfunction would have caused a fatality. How can such a vital part malfunction without warning to the driver? Search CarComplaints. Vsc and engine light are on.

Inside of car smells like exhaust is coming through. As I was about to park the car on a city street. The electrical steering suddenly failed. It became extremely difficult to turn the wheel.Started two days ago on the M The steering is very unresponsive and it takes some serious effort to steer the car.

Had been reading about the power steering recall and rang my local dealer. He said he could not see any recalls or service campaigns due on my car.

He advised I book the car in for diagnostics at 90 pounds and assuming it was the power steering rack I would have to pay the full whack. Don't have warranty as it was a private purchase. Does anybody have any recommendations on how to escalate this or what to do?

Moral of the story: Always buy your car from a dealership. Sure I saved some money but not a happy bunny right now.

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Check that 1st. It could be low. Also turn the wheels on full lock from one direction to another. Does it make and strange sounds? You have no comeback on a private sale whatsoever,there is not a lot you can do yourself apart from, as Roheel suggests, check the power steering fluid level and I assume your tyre pressures are correct? There are also a lot of possible causes, the steering rack is one, the pump another but it could also be a seized steering or suspension joint.

Having said that if you have a local independent garage ask them to take a look they may give you a free estimate.

Q: Lexus is250 2006 electronic power steering problem

Thanks for the reply guys. The is has an electric steering so low fluid and a faulty pump can be ruled out. Tyre pressures are correct. That's the first thing I checked.

I will try my local garages to see if they can make anything of it. There are no warning lights on the dash.

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It is quite puzzling. Early steering racks were susceptible to a problem that caused a 'vagueness' in steering feel and Lexus issued a TSIB to dealers to enable recalls. My IS was recalled and had a new rack fitted, although it hadn't suffered from the issue up to the point of change-out.

I have booked it in with a lexus specialist that I've read good things about on this forum; Albin B Motors. Does anybody know if it's safe to keep on driving like this till its sorted? I know it's safe on hydraulic steering wheels but there isn't too much information around regarding the electric ones.My power steering is electronic and the problem is when the car is cold the steering dont work but when the car warm i turn the car off and on again and start working perfect again i get the car to lexus and they say it was the terminal of the battery the charge me It is unlikely the battery terminal connection is a cause of the fault you are describing.

If they have actual evidence of a fault related to the "connection", they should have provided that information to you. If no evidence is provided, they are obligated to refund your money as you were obviously given a useless, indeed incorrect, diagnosis. The problem you are describing is probably electrical in nature and looking through the NHTSA databaseI see a non negligible number of like complaints from other owners same year, make, model so you are not "alone".

When this new type of "electronic" steering system first saw widespread use, there were occasionally problems due to design glitches and unforeseen operating issues. Of relevance, inthere was a Lexus Service Campaign designated by Lexus as CSC to address hard steering in your year, make and model.

The electric power steering link assembly was the problematic part and Lexus, at that time, was replacing the component for IS customers at no charge. An initial thing to check is whether your VIN number was included in that special service campaign and, if so, whether the repair was performed. If the service campaign is not relevant or the repair has already been implemented on your carwhat you will need to get your issue resolved is an electronic power steering system diagnostic during which a certified Mechanic, dispatched by YourMechanic right to your location, will perform the necessary tests to identify the root cause of the failure.

If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you. Q: Lexus is electronic power steering problem asked by John J. My car has an automatic transmission.

lexus is 250 no power

Kevin Gainer Automotive Mechanic. Thank Kevin. Was this answer helpful? Thank you for your feedback! Sorry about that. Why wasn't this information helpful? Recommended Services.

lexus is 250 no power

The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Please see our terms of service for more details. Related Questions. Car sometimes won't accelerate but it will rev by Paulina V.

Hit deer; car damaged by Joe B. I have a Buick Rendezvous I was just brought it and I work for the railroad so I hook power inverter up to the battery it's o by Christopher V. Changed dead battery and fuel pump and still no start by Bryan B. Windshield wiper is not working by Anne P. Home Questions. Year I don't know.

2008 LEXUS IS 250 No Crank or Start

Hi there. Most transmission problems are due to either low fluid levels or dirty transmission fluid and debris inside the hydraulic lines, creating an obstruction and difficulty shifting gears.GuruSHF93 answered 10 months ago. Well i had brake lights one night all i had no interior no push button light on the start button, next day i have nothing.

Tried a jump and still an still not even a light for anything, i guessing either a bad ground or the main fuse cause it ran great up untill it was parked. I did couldn't even get one of the push button lights to work for the inside Guess ill have to check alt.

I have a Lexus Is, one day my car radio just completely stop working. I check all the fuse and they are fine. I check the wiring and no damages. I check for power and ground and it is good I have checked the gas cap several times, nothing wrong with it. The car runs fine. No problems at all. Just the lights. What could it be? Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus.

Please refer to CarGurus Terms of Use. Content will be removed if CarGurus becomes aware that it violates our policies. No power. Report Follow.

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